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Brake Caliper

Stock no.: V74681 (Please quote in all contact)
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  • V74681
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  • Left Front 
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1.6I 16V MT5.

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Kortti / Pankki / JoustoLuotto

Ford Focus
Chassis no.WF05XXWPD56U01511
Model year2006
Group code
Date of manufacture
Date of registration
Remarks5D HB FOCUS X 1.6I MT5
Engine1.6i 16V 74 kW
Engine codeHWDA
Engine -Remarks
Gearbox5V MAN.
Gearbox numberB5/IB5
Gear type
Colour / Interior
Colour codeA4
Interior codeDARK FLINT

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Steering Gear / Worm Servo 200 EUR
Side window / Body right rear50 EUR
Side window / Body left rear50 EUR
Drive shaft left front120 EUR
Drive shaft right front150 EUR
Gear lever 85 EUR
Clutch cylinder Main 40 EUR
Rearview mirror electric right75 EUR
Rearview mirror electric left75 EUR
Steering stem bearing house left front90 EUR
Steering stem bearing house right front90 EUR
Washer tank Windshield / High beam 50 EUR
Windshield Wiper mechanism 50 EUR
Wiper motor Windshield front60 EUR
Wiper motor rear hatch rear75 EUR
Seat belt buckle / Stop right rear30 EUR
Seat belt right front50 EUR
Seat belt right rear50 EUR
Seat belt left front50 EUR
Seat belt left rear50 EUR
Reflector left rear30 EUR
Tail light left rear35 EUR
Tail light right rear35 EUR
Head light left90 EUR
Rear window rear150 EUR
AC Condenser 80 EUR
Instruction manual 30 EUR
Spoiler Hatchback rear70 EUR
Manual coolers 90 EUR
4D Door left rear220 EUR
Seat Heating Switches 20 EUR
Towing Hook 135 EUR
4D Door left front240 EUR
Aut. Adjusting motor - Head ligh left50 EUR
Reverse light right rear30 EUR
Window frame 30 EUR
Suspension rear25 EUR
Main cylinder 50 EUR
Brake Caliper right rear65 EUR
Brake Caliper left front55 EUR
Trailing link left rear övre45 EUR
Trailing link right rear övre45 EUR
Trailing link left front lower50 EUR
Strut front right front60 EUR
Trailing link right rear150 EUR
Gear Box Bracket rear50 EUR
Alternator 80 EUR
Starter Gasoline 60 EUR
AC Compressor 150 EUR
Fuel injection pump 100 EUR
Heater regulator 70 EUR
CD Radio 185 EUR
Heating fan resistor 25 EUR
Anti-spin switches 20 EUR
Electric window Switches 20 EUR
Electric window Switches 20 EUR
Gear Box 5 Speed 500 EUR
Seat Heating Switches 20 EUR
Heater regulator engine 30 EUR
Central locking motor tank latch 30 EUR
Controlls steering wheel Radio/Stereo 30 EUR
Sensor steering 85 EUR
Light Switches 35 EUR
Tank lid 30 EUR
Gas pedal 80 EUR
Antenna front centre30 EUR
Heating fan 50 EUR
Radio Other 85 EUR
Electric cooling fan 110 EUR
Lambda probe rear50 EUR
Lambda probe front50 EUR
Brake servo 70 EUR
Brake Caliper right front55 EUR
Trailing link left rear150 EUR
Lever Wiper / Washer switch 35 EUR
Suspension rear25 EUR
Shock absorbers rear rear30 EUR
Shock absorbers rear rear30 EUR
Brake Caliper left rear65 EUR
Trailing link right front lower50 EUR
Motor Bracket 50 EUR
Indicator Levers / Light switch 35 EUR